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Titusville Community Home Page

First WorldConnX tower at Titusville Opportunity Park

The ISP With All Your Internet Solutions!

What Can We Do For You?
  • DSL or Wireless
  • Easy Website
  • Web Hosting & FTP
  • More than 15 times faster than dialup
  • Always connected
  • Download large files faster than dialup
  • Speeds to meet your needs
  • Affordable membership plans
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Website Solutions
  • For the Non-technical person who wants a website
  • Simple straightforward creating and editing pages
  • No need to know website software or programming
  • Statistics that show how many are viewing your site
  • Very affordable rates
More Information
  • Broadband Internet Access
  • Reaches some areas not serviced by DSL
  • Affordable membership plans
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Hosting & FTP
  • Quick Load Time
  • Capacity to grow
  • Real Time Statistics
  • Secure Site
  • Affordable Plans
  • FTP Service
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